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About COWS of Buffalo

We are your local COWs - Container on Wheels Mobile Storage dealer. Our Barn is located at Franklin Street StorageClick here to visit our Franklin Street Storage website.

Have you HEARD the NEWS!!! WNY area is getting a new HERD!!! COWs OF BUFFALO (Containers on Wheels) are joining the Franklin Street Storage & Uhaul location in Springville, NY. Franklin Street Storage and Rte 39 Storage, owned by Jim & Cheryl Earl, are now expanding their storage business with mobile storage. And where better to open a COWs dealership no other than Springville, NY !! Home of the Dairy Festival, Gentner’s Auction and Dairy Farms!!!

What are COWs – well in WNY we know them as four legged milking machines. These COWs however are mobile storage units. COWs of BUFFALO offer 16’ Containers for a daily, weekly or monthly rental.

COWs are great for helping people move from one house to another, perfect for temporary storage during a home remodeling project and just convenient for folks that would like to put stuff into storage. We can store your COW at your residence or at out location in Springville. COWs can also be moved throughout the country too!!

COWs are also very convenient for the commercial industry as well. For contractors COWs provides a clean, attractive container at the job site, for materials to be stored and locked inside, store owners a great place to declutter your storerooms.

COWs are an affordable way for storage and at your location! Jim & Cheryl Earl have been in the storage business for over 10yrs. As a way to expand their storage locations, that are either full or limited to space, they have elected to Expand from their current location in Springville to all of WNY, mobile storage was the way to go.

Cheryl is also an Associate Real Estate Broker with Trank Real Estate for the past 15 yrs. So one can say she knows how to MOOOOVE people. COWs are utterly great for decluttering a home for sale, great way to move to your new home – we all know closing dates are like baby dates– due anytime. COWs provide the clients the leisure of having their COW all packed and ready to go prior to closing- instead of having to pack up everything the night before and hope the people are moved out of the home their buying.

Jim is currently retired from working over the road and glad to be home. Get this Jim (when he and Cheryl got married) was a Dairy Farmer. He says he’s now at full circle just with a different type of COW herd. Both Jim and Cheryl are looking forward to helping in making your MOOOOOVE a smooth transition. They provide Climate Controlled Storage at their Franklin Street Storage location and drive up cold storage at their RTE 39 Storage facility. The HOME BARN for COWs of Buffalo will be ran out of Franklin Street Storage located at 334 Franklin Street, Springville.

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